Introduction To Darwinium
  • 12 May 2023
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Introduction To Darwinium

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Article summary

Darwiniumâ„¢ is a future-proofed journey-orchestration platform that separates good and bad activity in real time. Darwinium's vision is to better protect all customers from unnecessary friction, fraud, and online abuse, using proprietary digital signatures to understand online behavior, indentity and intent.

The Darwinium team, prior founders of ThreatMetrix (Acquired LexisNexis 830M USD) brings fraud and identity intelligence to cybersecurity to make faster, smarter and cheaper decisions to secure the digital enterprise without negatively impacting revenue or productivity.   

Current Web Application Firewall, API Security and Bot Management Tools are blunt Instruments that lack sufficient user and identity intelligence, while traditional fraud vendors are point in time and lacking full user interaction context.  

With Darwinium, decisions are faster, being deployed at the perimeter; cheaper, because only a subset of data required for analytics is stored; and better, because businesses can harness continuous, actionable behavioral analytics across endpoints, users, transactions and content.

Your business can make smarter risk decisions closer to the user, without compromising latency or privacy. Your workforce is empowered to protect web applications and APIs in a hyper-connected environment. Your customers enjoy seamless and secure online journeys that are tailored to their individual behavior.

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